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The murals I design are usually painted in acrylics on either canvas or wood, mostly for (but not limited to) interior settings.

After extensive consultation with the client, I usually produce the murals entirely in my studio. In many cases, this means that my larger murals need to be modular in nature, easily coming apart for transportation and reassembly on site.

From the initial concept, the mural design progresses through black and white and color stages. As the client signs off on each stage, they are invited to visit my studio and assess my progress.

By producing the murals in my studio, I’m able to create optimum working conditions for myself, cut down on transportation time, and stay out of the client’s way until installation.

My murals are built, painted and varnished for longevity, and usually need no maintenance besides an occasional dusting.

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© All artwork copyright Gordon Carlisle. All rights reserved.
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